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Learning Persuasive Writing Techniques in the School and in Life

There are those who were born to write and there are those who are trained to write. Which one are you? To natural writers, persuasive writing techniques seem to come with style, which is developed in time through exploring and reading. Those who go to school, learn it from their teachers and mentors while doing also a lot of reading on the side. Reading is, therefore, a necessary habit that one must develop to be a good writer. Best writers, on top of this, are gifted with a keen listening ear, an observing eye and an understanding heart.

The school can teach a writer everything that a writer needs to know to be able to write well.  More than these, persuasive writing techniques can only be as convincing as you are convinced; it cannot be more than that. The school can teach future writers about the persuasive writing techniques like repetition, supplying articles with data, facts and statistics and of showing interpolations and predictions. Yet, the school will not tell you how to relate these to real life and real people. The school can instruct you to be innovative and creative but will not show you how. A lot of applications are learned once a writer starts exploring on one’s own.

In the conduct of persuasive writing, it is also important to imbibe persuasive writing techniques known as Ethos, Logos and Pathos. How do these help in persuasion?

1. Ethos pertains to who is doing the persuasion. There are people who are authorities and whose opinion matter. An example would be Oprah Winfrey who happened to be one of the most influential women in America today. Her words carry weight and credibility.

2. Logos imply the need for sensible proofs, logic and interpretation. It cannot defy logic and expect people to be persuaded blindly.

3. Pathos refers to the emotional appeal of the words to touch the human side of the readers. When the Ethos and the logos are there, pathos can seal that persuasion.

While schools can prepare a writer in understanding persuasive writing techniques, the style is personalized in time and experience. Only writers, who can feel, listen, and see more can truly make a mark in this world.

However, what about those who aren’t gifted, especially those who are required to turn in essays or papers every so often? Well, not all hope is lost. Just because you don’t have that one-of-a-kind writing style that natural writers have it doesn’t mean you’ll flunk or be the laughingstock of peers. There is a cheap essay writing service that gives you access to thousands of written essays, term papers, thesis, and so much more.

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So, even if you’re not as gifted in the art of persuasive writing or if you’re still trying to hone your talent but want to turn in an inspiring paper or essay, you never have to worry since there’s available help for you.

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