Hillsborough County Sheriff_s Office - Inquiries Online - Arrest Inquiry_20130904-173110Quoth Susie Shannon:

Yesterday morning, CC had left my office not feeling well. The last thing I said to him was, “Get something to eat and take your medications.” He left here to do that and had just purchased his breakfast when he was stopped for jaywalking.

We finally got him out of jail early this morning. The charges on the report are “false name to a law enforcement officer” and “obstructing or opposing an officer without.” Nothing at all about jaywalking. Go figure.

The police officer also apparently never turned in CC’s cane or medications. They still have not been located. During the stop, the cane was passed around and scrutinized by 3 police officers who were apparently convinced it contained a blade. One also asked if there was blood on it from beating someone.

The arresting officer not only confiscated CC’s medications and cane, but he, no shit, sat in the front seat of the squad car and ate CC’s breakfast while CC sat handcuffed in the back. Class act this Sheriff’s Dept.



CC has a pro bono attorney! Roger Breit, who used to be a regular at Occupy Tampa, is going to be in the courtroom with us on Monday. Thank you, Derek Johnson, for finding your way to my office and being willing to be a fake attorney with me! Soooooo glad we don’t have to do that. – Susie

2 Responses to Tampa Solidarity Network Volunteer Arrested for Walking While Black

  • Yvonka says:

    This is absurd!!! I hope a complaint gets filed

  • Cathy Miller says:

    I would like to know the name of that officer. Do you think they knew where he came from and that they are purposely targeting Occupy Tampa? What a low life. Sorry CC. that you had to suffer such bullshit treatment from a person who is suppose to be protecting and serving the citizens of this State.

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