• Training on Jan 25th / midnightspecial.net
    • Flyer – Nick will make
    • Derek will publicize @ Sacred Grounds, CC’s neighborhood, Nick’s neighborhood
    • Susie: lets focus on how to avoid getting arrested in the first place, thats how CC got his life fucked up
    • Steve: dealing with post-arrest scenarios reduces pre-arrest anxiety, helps people assert their rights
    • Derek: has scripts, videos
    • Derek: debrief as to the institutional reasons underpinning why we need this training
    • Q&A w/ ALCU on video content
    • current role plays: weed in the park, … nick has the list
      • + cops interrupting an action
        • + what a police liaison should know
      • these will help us practice roll playing in other communities
      • you can do a this is the wrong way / this is the right way format, or you can do a freeze-frame tap-in/out format
    • video on youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4nQ_mFJV4I
    • diagram of legal process: http://www.midnightspecial.net/files/Legal_Steps_Chart_9.01.pdf
    • dealing with police: http://www.midnightspecial.net/files/dealingwithpolice.pdf
    • Include an intro as to what a solidarity network does / shout out to Tampa Free Skool
      • started about a year ago, based on the Seattle Solidarity Network, focuses on the problems working-class people deal with e.g. stolen wages, slumlords, escalation model
  • AVP – Alternatives to Violence Project
    • Correction:  A mini workshop on MLK day: Jan 20th @ the Friend’s Meeting House on Sligh Ave., was announced in error.  According to Cece Yokum, planning is still in progress for a Tampa event, and there “might” be an introductory AVP event at the St. Pete Quaker Meeting on MLK day this year. 
    • came out of the New York State Penal System as a response to the failure of the “scared straight” approaches
    • creates a space where people feel comfortable coming out of their shells
    • places people in simulated conflict / stressful situations that challenges them to come up with non-violent solutions
    • the advanced workshops typically follow a 3-day format, this workshop will help us determine whether or not to attempt the full blast kind
    • See also:  http://avpusa.org
  • TLB
    • lets get it going again
    • alternate locations: i4, bayshore, 301
    • times: friday nights? thursday nights? 5 PM, most people can’t make it till later
    • legalize it has become timely
    • how to pick messages
      • before: jeff would post polls, but people stopped responding
      • we are lazy with our social media, so the chat room might prove best
      • the lord of the letters tends to have final say since s/he must shepard them
      • past displays:
        • Walmart Walkout 11/22/12, Orlando

          (People graphic) > $ 11/28/12, BoA

          End the Violence 12/1/12, Fowler

          Banks Steal Homes 12/6/12, Bayshore

          $ / Consume, 12/12/12, Gunn Hwy

          No Drones, 12/26/12, Bayshore

          Legalize It!, 12/31/12, I275

          Legalize It!, 1/3/13, Bayshore

          End Corporate Rule, 1/9/13, Fowler

          Idle No More, 1/13/13, Kiley Garden

          No Tar Sands Oil, 1/16/13, Fowler

          Mr Obama Drones Kill Kids, 1/21/13, 275 @ 27th

          Know NDAA, 1/30/13, Bayshore

          Know NDAA, 2/4/13, 301 @ I-4

          Monsanto Kills Farms, 2/9/13, I-4 @ 301

          Peace, 2/17/13, Concepcion Picciotto Anti-Nuclear Vigil, Washington, DC

          Stop Ecocide, 2/17/13, West Lawn U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC

          Free Bradley Manning, 2/23/13, 275 @ 27th

          Smash Austerity, 3/2/13, I-4 @ 301

          Austerity Is Class War, 3/2/13, I-4 @ 301

          Sequester This Ҧ, 3/2/13, I-4 @ 301

          Stop TPP, 3/9/13, Curtis Hixon

          #CIW Rights   Respect Fair Food, 3/13/13, Busch Blvd

          Shop Local, 3/19/13, Roosevelt

          No Keystone XL Pipeline, 3/20/13 (A.M.), I-4 @ 301

          Clean Energy Now, 3/20/13 (P.M.), I-4 @ 301

          Equality Now, 3/26/13, Sam M. Gibbons US Courthouse

          Stop Monsanto GMO Law, 3/30/13, I-4 @ 301

          Stop Monsanto GMO Law, 4/3/13, I-4 @ 301

          BoA TE   #TaxEvaders   BP TE, 4/10/13, 275 @ 27th

          BoA TE   #TaxEvaders   BP TE, 4/15/13, I-4 @ 301


          ABOLISH CLASS SOCIETY, 5/1/13, 275 @ 27th

          FRANKEN FARMS, 5/7/13, Roosevelt

          #MARCHAGAINSTMONSANTO, 5/24/13, I-4 @ 301

          (Daylight) BRADLEY LEAKED THE TRUTH, 6/1/13, MacDill AFB

          SOLIDARITY W/ TURKISH SPRING, 6/3/13, I-4 @ 301

  FTAA+10: Fighting to End The Transpacific Partnership and Miami's Legacy of Police Brutality

FTAA+10: Fighting to End The Transpacific Partnership and Miami’s Legacy of Police Brutality

Hillsborough County Sheriff_s Office - Inquiries Online - Arrest Inquiry_20130904-173110Quoth Susie Shannon:

Yesterday morning, CC had left my office not feeling well. The last thing I said to him was, “Get something to eat and take your medications.” He left here to do that and had just purchased his breakfast when he was stopped for jaywalking.

We finally got him out of jail early this morning. The charges on the report are “false name to a law enforcement officer” and “obstructing or opposing an officer without.” Nothing at all about jaywalking. Go figure.

The police officer also apparently never turned in CC’s cane or medications. They still have not been located. During the stop, the cane was passed around and scrutinized by 3 police officers who were apparently convinced it contained a blade. One also asked if there was blood on it from beating someone.

The arresting officer not only confiscated CC’s medications and cane, but he, no shit, sat in the front seat of the squad car and ate CC’s breakfast while CC sat handcuffed in the back. Class act this Sheriff’s Dept.



CC has a pro bono attorney! Roger Breit, who used to be a regular at Occupy Tampa, is going to be in the courtroom with us on Monday. Thank you, Derek Johnson, for finding your way to my office and being willing to be a fake attorney with me! Soooooo glad we don’t have to do that. – Susie

a9fa7d8d-2917-4548-856c-2b4074606c2a_1000378_595820787107876_262826931_nLast year, numerous provocateurs and infiltrators popped up in the run-up to the 2012 RNC in Tampa to cause trouble and divide activist communities, which led to us publishing this article. While much of the danger of that situation has passed, provocateurs are still creating problems for Tampa activists.

Most recently, notorious provocateur Al Suarez came to a Justice for Trayvon rally to attempt to make a racially-tinged “citizen’s arrest” of a reputable community organizer affiliated with Occupy Tampa. This accusation stems from Suarez being banned from Occupy Tampa last summer due to numerous accounts of predatory and sexually harassing behavior dating back to 2010, which included accusations of sexual assault from Occupy camps in the Northeast.

After this, Suarez co-published a number of videos accusing Tampa activists of being “terrorists” and even appeared at City Commission meetings to demand their arrest based on Suarez’s hyper-inflated drive to snitch-jacket people who stand up to him.

Recently, Suarez has been back to his pattern of befriending activists and groups who are not familiar with his past and attempting to get them to join his campaign to divide and vilify Tampa area activists.

Food Not Bombs has had a long history of dealing with problems like this in Florida and strongly recommends Florida activists share this information with one another to prevent individuals like this from taking advantage of our lack of communication. Stay safe out there!

ReBlogged from: Food Not Bombs


When: Saturday, July 27, 3:00pm

Meet at: 136 South Westshore Boulevard, Tampa (Kennedy & Westshore, in front of Petco, across the street from the InterContinental Hotel) (map)

Why we’re doing this: In solidarity with the International Day of Action, to expose what Bradley Manning exposed

Co-sponsoring groups: Tampa Bay Bradley Manning Support Network, Occupy Tampa, St. Pete for Peace, Tampa Light Brigade

Webpage: http://stpeteforpeace.org/flashmob

Facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/480957331982374/


WHAT: A protest, a noise-making … a whistle-blowing, if you will, of the media’s neglect of one of their most important sources: whistleblowers.

WHEN: July 12 at 4:00pm

WHERE: In front of the Tampa Bay Times printing plant, 1301 34 St. N in St. Petersburg

Is this a protest of the Tampa Bay Times?

No, this is a rally to encourage the media to speak out on behalf of whistleblowers and the Constitution, and to reject the false choice of privacy vs. security. We believe the content of what Edward Snowden exposed, namely that the NSA has been spying on Americans, deserves the media’s full attention. The rally is also to show solidarity with Edward Snowden (and all whistleblowers like WikiLeaks and Bradley Manning) and to applaud Venezuela, Nicaragua and Bolivia for offering Snowden asylum.

Organizers, co-sponsors
St. Pete for Peace, Veterans for Peace, Progressive Democrats of America – Pinellas, The Refuge, Friends of Human Rights, NatureCoast Coalition for Peace & Justice, Peace & Freedom Party of Florida, Occupy Tampa, Tampa Light Brigade.

FOR MORE REASONS http://stpeteforpeace.org/snowden.html

  • omnomnom
  • fapfapfap
  • Nate: March against Monsanto things

    • Food not Lawns

    • Shopping action

    • Mobile garden

    • 10/12 march for world food day

  • Jake: TSOL things

    • 11-5 organizer training IWW style (get date)

    • West Boulevard Homes evictions have begun

    • Letter from Susan Greenbaum (get copy from Jake)

    • first eviction: a family of whom the father tried to raise community awareness about the imminent demolition


  • Susie: we’ve done a lot of actions and lately we’ve come up short in people to panic about press releases

    • mailchimp software

    • we need people to

      • write press releases

      • update contacts on mailing list

    • Susie: Al Suarez has tried to dominate every event we’ve done … he keeps getting megaphones from people holding them … he’s a disruptive troll and he will zero in on any bullhorn … … recently he got a bullhorn and led the march in the opposite

    • proposal: pass out cards to prevent him from doing this

    • discussed and discussed and we decided it doesn’t qualify as a proposal but warrants further discussion of best practices … lots of positive support though

  • Thai / Elizabeth: OT will publicly support St. Pete for Peace for the 7/12 calling out the media for ignoring whistleblowers

  • John: we got our $300 back, I propose we help Scott Fitzgerald by sending ($25-50)?

    • passed $50

  • Matt: (SDS) we’re doing a thing called “Fly Kites not Drones” … we want to do a family inclusive event … we can literally fly kites … face painting … pleasant shit to bring activists together, proposal: will OT sponsor (e.g. outreach, etc …)

    • planning meeting sometime this week up in the USF area`

  • Matt: The Bradley Manning Network has called for a 7/27 National day of action, i believe the last day of his trial, we have CENTCOM right here, lets participate in this too

    • passed

  • Tristan: Textbook project

  • Christine (Greenpeace): shits going down in the arctic ocean … shell … on saturday 9-11 shell @ s. dale mabry and cypress … cheerleaders … posters … encouraging people to call interior secretary asking her to rescind shells permits and not issue them any new ones

  • Steve: Proposal to hold GAs twice a month … 1st and 3rd Sundays, 7pm

    • passed

  • Zoey: South Korea, protesting election fraud … Chile protesting, riot police, other things…. Turkey holding Occupy events… Brazilian government has made concessions towards school and social programs

    • move toward more humanistic endeavors

  • Nick: Fuck Al Suarez again

  • Jake/Gonzo: Light Brigade … nothing new, get ready to re-escalate … coordinate with Gonzo

  • Susie: Plan as many marches heading towards Curtis Hixon Park as possible …. sidewalk talks

  • Thank you Chris Comellas for taking the notes



(He gave an enthusiastic thumbs-up to the program.)


WHAT: A protest of the NSA spying program!

WHEN: Friday, June 21 at 4:00pm.

WHERE: In front of Sen. Bill Nelson’s office @ the Federal Court House:

801 N. Florida Ave.
Tampa, FL 33602

View Larger Map

EVENT CO-SPONSORS: Veterans for Peace, Occupy Tampa, NatureCoast Coalition, Tampa Light Brigade, The Refuge, St. Pete for Peace.

CARPOOL: Leaves St. Petersburg at 2:45pm (sharp) Park n Ride at 22nd Avenue N and 19th Street..

FACEBOOK EVENT PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/events/327064050758659/

RANDOM NEWS LINK: http://www.wtsp.com/news/local/article/321207/8/Protest–in-Tampa-against-NSA-spying


  • Jake: I have a bunch of extra activity stuff that I want to give away.

    • Light Brigade facing legal problems with FHP

  • John Thomas: Fitzgerald Scott looking for donations. He’s preparing for a Tar Sands action at the moment.

  • Mitch: We do stuff with March against Monsanto, Hands across the Sand, Occupy DC … we’ve taken over a non profit organization called epec.org. It [is] run now completely by occupiers … We want to establish a collaborative effort to pursue sustainable growing, housing, and peace advocacy. Right now we’re travelling to different occupy groups to collaborate. We’re headed to Jacksonville next. The nice part about having a 501.c3 … if we ever started detaching from the actual system … we won’t need to pay property taxes, we can get benefits from Universities, we can give community service hours … a site called goodsearch donates a penny for every search …

  • Nate: I wanted to talk about March against Monsanto stuff. Every Wednesday @ 7 we meet at Sacred Grounds … we have breakout groups …

  • Nick: March against Monsanto [was] awesome, thank you everyone. Gonzo, Livestreamers, TPD for once … Food not Lawns has started to develop … overgrow the system … we need help, supplies, people who want to garden, properties to garden on … we have a new website too for organizing … i don’t want to say it in front of the box without censorship … it’s time to move off of facebook

  • Online comment: Please someone talk about Gov. Scott signing HB 87

    • Jake: No Shit!

  • Ron: I’m from Occupy Ft. Meyers, wanted to mention Move to Amend, a grassroots organization around the country, to reverse the supreme court decision Citizens United … UU estimated about 10 years to get the congress to look out it.

    • Susie: We passed a non-corporate personhood measure here in Hillsborough County



  • Zoe: I propose we draft a statement in support of Occupy Gazi, can we approve some way of getting consensus online for a document collaboratively written …

    • Jake: we have the facebook chat, lets post it in there, so long as we give people a day to look at it in advance.

    • Jeff: lets collaboratively write it on a TitanPad

    • passed

  • Dave: An opportunity has come up for the TLB, we have a mutual contact with WMNF, as far as supporting them in their fundraising drive they’re having … I spoke to the person in charge of the station … They would [be] more than happy to have us come out on Tuesday for daytime message or the nighttime Light Brigade … “FUND WMNF” … need at least 4 people or more

    • Nate: can anyone see it from the road?

      • Dave: two parking lots face the street

    • Susie: they asked about having their phone number … but we don’t have numbers

    • passed