Occupy Tampa

Occupy Tampa Announces Proposal To Mayor Buckhorn

This agreement is made this _____ day of December, 2011 by and between the CITY OF TAMPA, a municipal corporation with offices at City Hall, 305 East Kennedy Blvd, Tampa, FL  33602 and OCCUPY TAMPA.

The City agrees that OCCUPY TAMPA will use Public Space no more than one mile from Tampa City Hall during all hours subject to the following conditions which are designed to provide access to the park by all persons:

1.  The right of all persons to use the Public Space must be respected.

2. Overnight tent camping will be allowed.  Canopies and tables reasonably necessary for food preparation, library, and medical activites will be utilized.

Because nobody speaks for the General Assembly, Occupy Tampa, in the spirit of inclusivity and transparency which is so dear to our movement, requests that Mayor Buckhorn and members of the Tampa City Council attend our General Assembly on Thursday, December 1st, 2011 at 7PM in front of Kiley Gardens Park, 400 North Ashley Drive to discuss these and other matters in a direct, democratic, horizontal way. We look forward to Mayor Buckhorn and City Council standing before us equally at the
General Assembly on the first.

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