Occupy Tampa

GA Minutes

Becky – Elizabeth sent a text to say that the benefit show tomorrow at 9:00 pm no longer has a cover charge
Is still working on logistics for Voice of Freedom Park. We do have a porta-john.
Is in process of contacting the owner of the office across the street.

Keith – There’s a co-op work group for a restaurant. I don’t believe that there have been enough marches or direct actions lately, and am forming a planning group.

Jake – Is planning on bringing the People’s Convention Proposals to GA on Tuesday for proposal.

Ashley – Sorry for being sick. Hasn’t done puppets. Needs Elmer’s glue to do it.
Also, whenever anyone wants to have a non-violent communication/de-escalation training session, get five or more people and do it.

Scott – Disappointed with the lack of food yesterday. Tomorrow will be Occupy Awareness day. There will be marches at 1 pm and 6 pm. Hasn’t heard anything about Occupy Congress this coming January 17th for this group.

Glenn – Starting a list for Organizing Work Group. Please see after.
Has a direct action working group looking for four people to start an affinity group.

Pepe – Wants to bring movement to the next level. Is planning an Occupy Tampa thrift store. Wants to do garage sales starting January 7th.

Blazer – From Occupy Oakland. They took the port. They don’t currently have a camp, but do have a functioning kitchen. Some are occupying houses. Holding meetings for occupying a building. San Francisco wants to shut down the financial district.

Chris – has 70% of blankets and sleeping bags to be washed.

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