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Gambling in Hong Kong – What You Need to Know

Most of the regulations pertaining to gambling that are in place vary from country to country. In some cases, this variation exist between cities in the same country. It pays to know the gambling laws that are in place in your area. Failure to do so could lead to adverse legal situations.

It also pays to research about the place where you plan to gamble.

Gambling in Hong Kong

gambling in hong kongThe gambling laws and regulations in Hong Kong is quite straightforward. This means that it is relatively easier to partake in gambling activities in the said cities. It also follows that gamblers, either active or prospective, will have an easier time. Laws that are easier to understand means that the rate of trespassing said statutes will be low unless they are intentionally violated.

The relative ease of gambling in Hong Kong has enabled a strong and vibrant gambling economy in Hong Kong. Major casino complexes can be found within the city limits. The major ones are even called “cities” on their own right. Ships that double as casinos periodically visit the harbors. Some are even mainly based in the city.

There is a multitude of gambling activities that are available in Hong Kong. Hong Kong is known for its horse races. The gambling of horse races is inside the authority of the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Said club holds exclusive monopoly on football matches, horse races and lotteries.

Mahjong and other social gambling activities are also allowed, albeit under strict guidelines. As alluded above, casinos are also allowed to operate in the city. There are many types of casinos in the city.

The traditional brick and mortar casinos are abound and some of them even form the aforementioned large complexes. Ship casinos are also abound and the relatively new online casinos have also sprouted by harnessing the internet.

Gambling Law in Hong Kong

casino chipsGambling in Hong Kong is regulated by the Gambling Ordinance enacted in 1977. Said ordinance continues the legality of gambling inside the city. However, the gambling ordinance is strict in regulating the gambling activities within the borders.

The safest way to identity if a gambling facility is legal is to identify if it is connected with the Hong Kong Jockey Club. Said entity is accorded with preferential status under the existing law.

Mahjong and other social gambling activities are largely tolerated. However, you must stay away from mahjong places which actively promotes gambling as this act is considered illegal under Hong Kong rules.

Gambling activities with bookmakers are illegal. Bookmakers usually pertains to horse races wherein there are already  predetermined odds.

Pokers were usually considered legal because of the assumption that it was within the ambit of the legality afforded to mahjong and related games. This presumption was shattered in 2010 when Hong Kong operatives made it clear that the opposite is true.

Of course, casinos are perfectly legal. As mentioned above, the casinos in Hong Kong are immense and attracts a lot of visitors.

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