Occupy Tampa

Environmental Objectives

We recognize that all the issues mentioned here are short-term fixes and that the systemic problems are our consumer-driven society which places a premium on repeatedly making and discarding disposable items. Obviously, as all resources are limited, this is an unsustainable social model. Until the human race accepts and adapts to the reality that all resources are limited and that we have a duty to future generations to do the least damage to this planet, our social structure will be unsustainable. The proposals below are important near-term changes that will give our children and grandchildren a chance to continue our work. They are not solutions to the problems caused by 7 billion people wasting resources and creating pollution, but they are essential steps towards creating the sustainable society will we need.

1. The use of more renewable energy in the Sunshine State of Florida.
2. Subsidies and tax breaks for all non-renewable energy, such as offshore oil drilling, carbon sequestration technology, and nuclear power should cease.

3. The creation and expansion of Tax credits, funding & incentivizing for renewable energy sources; including but not limited to rooftop solar panels and algae to help them become substantially more available through both supply and cost.
4. Florida utilities should buy back electricity from private producers, including homeowners, at retail rates.

5. The establishment of Statewide Renewable Energy Standards, with the percentage of green energy in our total power consumption increasing annually.

6. The implementation and installation of renewable energy and green roofs on all state buildings and housing, all of which should be rated at or above the L.E.E.D.S. platinum standards.

7. Firm guaranteed protection of the environment and the many diverse ecosystems of Florida.

8. An end to Environmental Trust Fund dollars being reallocated to any projects that are outside the environmental arena. We expect complete transparency in all financial transactions concerning these environmental trust funds.

9. The setting of Florida’s water quality guidelines to a level higher than the E.P.A.’s, and enforced to the fullest extent. And that the state adopt nutrient criteria for phosphorus and nitrogen, and close down corporations that don’t adhere to these guidelines.

10. The immediate end to the dumping of fluoride in our waterways and oceans. (tabled – pending further research)

11. The enforcement of the Mangrove Protection Acts and to close all loopholes associated with those laws.

12. Allocation of funds for Brownfield cleanup and development, and infill developments to defer sprawl.

13. Funding for rain water collection and filtration units added to private homes to fight the severe water depletion crisis in the state of Florida.

14. The immediate end to offshore drilling for oil.

15. For the State of Florida to implement an agriculture system that is sustainable for people, animals and the environment.

16. Lifting the ban on growing industrial hemp.

17. The immediate ban on the planting of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and the labeling of any G.M.O. products that enter the state of Florida.

18. Creating better incentives for organic farming and a certification fee scale based on yearly sales.

19. Funding of the Farm Share program which donates unsold produce to soup kitchens and food banks.

20. Funding for the Farm to Table program which incentivizes fresh healthy foods in the schools.

21. That state land allocated for public interest purposes be open for use as community gardens.

22. For all runoff from farming operations to be treated as hazardous waste.

23. CAFO’s (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) transparency of the health and sanitation of farm animals, and demand that organic provisions of feed for the quality of life of farm animals contained within these operations be mandated.

24. Research and incentivizing for turning manure into compost, fertilizer or fuel.

25. That taxpayer money will be spent on only native plants, and that natives alone be used on state properties.

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