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Stay Legally Safe When Shooting 4 Laws to Keep in Mind

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Shooting in ranges has become the favorite past time for the thousands around the globe. The joy of holding an object so powerful and actually getting to use it (against non-humans of course) has enamored the gun lovers to troop down to the nearest shooting range. Others have trooped to the plains and are hunting birds (in relatively minuscule numbers). The thrill of actually firing a gun is something that all of us must get to try at least once in our lifetime in order to appreciate the awesome and terrible power of this device. One should be familiar with the gun laws in your area.

With great power comes with great responsibility. The same maxim can be applied whilst holding a gun. The primary objective of a gun is to kill someone. Its main usage is to take the life of another. Its entertainment value is an afterthought to the gunmakers of the world. As such, the gun must be handled with care in order to avoid causing injuries to oneself and other. Utmost care and diligence must be exercised when handling the deadly instrument. If unsure, please seek legal advise.

Rules for Gun Safety gun safety info

Many rules have been written and enacted for the purpose of guaranteeing gun safety. Of course, safety will only be almost guaranteed if one follows the rules. The operative word in the prior sentence is “almost”. Guns are designed to be safe (for the users at least) but misfires are not uncommon. However, it always pays to err with caution. The 4 rules that will be discussed here are the most important ones that you should never forget when you have a gun in your hand.

Always Treat a Gun as if it is Loaded

As stated above, misfires are not uncommon in guns. A perfectly working and new gun can misfires and thereby threaten others. That is why one must always treat a gun as if it is full to the brim with bullets. The usual scenario wherein one injures another by not following this rule is when one jokingly point and allegedly “empty gun” to another.

Always wear Glasses for Shooting gun safety study

Ranges usually are small and this could have deadly repercussions. The bullets that will fly around may ricochet from one of the walls and may even injure. This is where shooting glasses come in to fore. Shooting glasses are useful in shooting ranges because it will protect the eyes in case of ricochets.

Keep the Gun on Safety Mode

This rule is connected with the rule no. 1. By keeping the safety mode on, you will ensure that the gun will not fire when not in use. Even then, do not point the gun at others as a joke as safety mechanisms will sometimes fail. Of course, you will have to disengage the safety at the time of shooting but turn it on until then.

Keep your finger off the trigger until you’re ready to shoot

This is another rule that is intended to stop you from misfiring. The basic premiss of this rule is the same as the rule number 3. Never assume a shooting position when you are not ready to shoot.

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