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A Beginner’s Guide to Vaping: Quick Overview on What Should You Know

what to know about vaping

What is Vaping?

First and foremost, let us look into the definition of the term “vaping”. Vaping ultimately refers to the act of inhaling and exhaling vapor which is produced by an electronic cigarette.

The Difference

If you are considering going into vaping, perhaps this may be because you have heard about its good differences compared to traditional cigarettes. Mainly, electronic cigarettes, used for vaping, do not have tobacco. Instead, it contains nicotine, in a liquid form, which becomes vaporized through a heating element as the e-cigarette is switched on.

The Main Benefits

  • As you might have already know, tobacco is a great culprit when it comes to heart, arteries and lung problems. Several studies have found out that although some e-cigarettes use nicotine, the harmful chemicals e-cigarettes give off are much lower compared to that of traditional tobacco cigarettes,
  • Vaping helps smokers quit. Since electronic cigarettes are the new replacement for traditional cigarette sticks, vaping really does its job of helping smokers quit the deed before it becomes too late.
  • There is no second-hand vaping unlike second-hand smoking. Therefore, those who vape do not affect the health of others who are nearby.
  • The nicotine level can be adjusted according to your personal preference. For those who are concerned about health issues which nicotine may bring to the users, this option is quite a great giveaway.

E-liquid or E-juice

The E-liquid, also known as e-juice, is the liquid found in electronic cigarettes. This liquid is what the electronic cigarette vaporizes. Typically, the e-liquid is made up of glycerine, nicotine, propylene glycol and flavorings. However, not all e-juices contain nicotine. What’s great is that the level of nicotine is not limited; users can either narrow the level down or bring it up depending on their own personal preferences.

the different types of vapes

The Different Types

  • Disposable – The disposable type of e-cigarettes are the cheapest type. Usually, disposable e-cigs are all-in-one units which are thrown away as a whole as soon as the battery dies. However, there are also replaceable e-cigarettes of this type.
  • Pen – Larger than the typical e-cigs and the disposable type, vaporizer pens are usually swappable as it allows users to change tanks, heating coils and the tip, This type produces much more vapor compared to disposable e-cigarettes. To know more about vaporizer pen choices, the smoke advisor vaporizer guide is what you should check out.
  • Box – Very similar to the pen-style mods, the box style vaporizers, however, are more bulky as the box-like feature will show important information such as wattage and temperature which are essential for the user. This is the most powerful type of e-cigarette available.
  • Mechanical – Not the best for beginners, these mechanical vaporizers contain only the circuitry which allows the heating to happen. No adjustments or tweaking can be done for this type. Because of the lack of features, beginners may find it quite difficult to handle; however, vape enthusiasts are the ones that keep this alive in the market.