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If you love watches, then you know that there are many online jewellery shops around, but do all the shops offer what they claim? I don’t know what your experience is, but let me share mine, absolutely not. Having been disappointed a couple of times in the past, you can trust my judgment. Nowadays I am always smart, respected, and classy. Have you ever heard of my treasure box? It’s one of the top online jewellery shops in Australia and there are many such, but this Afterpay friendly shop cannot be compared to any of such. In this post, you will learn many things about the shop that is loved by many especially the kind of watch boxes it offers.

What to look for in a watch box

The lifespan of your precious watches depends on how you store them. If they are properly stored, they will be free from dust, rust, and last longer. My treasure box considers many factors in their choice of watch box as listed below.

1. Type of material. High-quality materials prevent moisture build-up, offer insulation, and prevents the watches from tarnishing. In inside should be made of soft non-abrasive or hard materials. Since they are of high quality, the price can be slightly higher but worth it.

2. Size and shape. Depending on your collection of watches and preferences, there are many designs and sizes to choose from. AT my treasure box, various options have been offered for various needs to make it easy to identify yours.

3. The number of compartments. If you have many watches or would like to store other jewellery in your box, then consider one with many compartments and storage options.

4. Lockable watch boxes. If you would like a box that can keep your watches safe even when you’re away from home or many people visit your home and would like additional security, my treasure box offers a lockable watch box.

5. I would recommend a watch box whose cost is within your budget if over expenditure seems to hurt your budget, however, endeavor to buy high-quality products.

6. Does the watch box appeal to the eye? Most jewellery stays visible at home for many years. No one will like to display ugly shapes that embarrass. Browse for more modern designs and select an appealing one.

From my experience with my treasure box, they have considered all the above-mentioned factors and recommended the best. I, therefore, don’t hustle critiquing every item on the factors, I just pick from their list and haven’t been disappointed.

Final thoughts

Without proper guidance, selecting a great watch box is often difficult and time-consuming. If you consider your needs and limit yourself to the options already scrutinized by my treasure box, I guarantee that you cannot be disappointed. Having been with then for a while, I can confirm that what they promise is what they deliver, make a point to try them out and you will join me in appreciating their services.

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